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Irvington Seventh Day Adventist church has grown over the past 10 years and the music ministry has also grown by the grace of God to minister to the spiritual needs of members and the Irvington community.

We have resumed Music Academy Classes for piano, guitar, voice and recorder. For information, please contact Sister Beverly Griffith via our e-mail contact form. Thank you.

These are our Church Choirs.

Senior Choir
The main choir of the church that sings to the honor and glory of God.


 United Voices (Youth Choir)
 This choir consists of the youth of the Irvington Seventh Day Adventist Church. They have a zeal for singing and aspire to praise the Lord in the days of their youth.

Children's Choir
These are the children of the Irvington Seventh Day Adventist Church. Singing like little angels for the Lord.

Signs of Praise
This is a Sign Language group that translates gospel songs in sign language form that is presented in a manner that those who are deaf can realize the true vigor or God's blessing.